Small Town Romance Tote Bag

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Indulge in your love for small-town romances with this charming Small Town Romance Tote Bag, a must-have accessory for any bookworm. The design features a beautiful illustration inspired by small-town romances, adding a touch of whimsy to your collection. Whether you're going book shopping, heading out for a coffee and reading date, or simply need a stylish tote bag for your everyday adventures, this Small Town Romance Tote Bag is the perfect companion. Elevate your book-loving experience with this delightful tote bag and embrace the magic of small-town romances wherever you go. Crafted with love, it is spacious enough to comfortably fit 3 books along with all your essentials like an annotation kit, wallet, water bottle, and more.

Made from HTVront Light Fabric Transfer Paper and white 100% Organic Cotton, this tote bag is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Materials used:

- HTVront Light Fabric Transfer Paper

- White 100% Organic Cotton Tote Bag

The size of the tote bag is 32x35x12cm (LxHxW), making it ideal for everyday use.

- Including the packaging:

- 18.5x2x22cm (LxHxW) / 7.28x0.8x8.66 in (LxHxW)

- Size of the Tote Bag:

- 32x35x12cm (LxHxW) / 12.6x13.78x4.7in (LxHxW)

To care for your tote bag, please wash it by hand with a sponge and avoid ironing the design to ensure longevity. A care card will be included in your order as well with all the details.