Mystery Bags

from 15.00 €
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Introducing the Mystery Bags.

Mystery Bags are available in three different price categories, each offering products with a higher value than the selling price. You can also choose between colour schemes or let yourself be surprised.

The price ranges that are offered are the following: 15€, 25€, and 35€

You can choose between the following colour schemes*:

- Let yourself be surprised

- A mix of multiple colours

- All White

- All Black

- All Blue

- All Red

- All Green

- All Purple

- All Pink

What is in the Mystery Bags?

It differs from bag to bag, but overall it includes bookmarks, sticker packs, keychains, and notepads, and the middle and biggest Mystery Bags might even include a Tote Bag or a Pencil Pouch. You can find both items that are being sold outside the bags as well as exclusive items that will only be available in the Mystery Bags.

*A side note to the colour schemes. I will try to include products with only the colours selected but most of my items do not have just one colour in them, so for All I Red I might include the Formula 1 bookmark since it is mostly red but the design does include other colours as well.