*LIMITED* Valentine's Sticker Pack

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Introducing the Valentine's Day Sticker Packs.

You can choose between the normal Valentine's Day Sticker Pack, which includes 10 stickers, and the Country Valentine's Day Sticker Pack, which includes 9 stickers, that showcase your love for the season of love. They are all laminated with a clear or holographic sheet which makes them waterproof.

This sticker pack is only available as a small pack, with each sticker being 5cm wide.

Materials used:

- HTVront Matte White Sticker Paper

- Clear or Holographic Laminating Sheets


- Including the packaging:

- Small: 10x0.5x7cm (LxHxW) / 3.9x0.2x2.75 in (LxHxW)

While the stickers are waterproof and should last a long time, they will wear with time and might loosen around the edges if they are applied to a surface that is used often.