'in my Sports Romance Era' Sticker Packs

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Do you need the matching sticker packs to the 'in my sports romance era' bookmarks or just stickers for your favorite sports romances? If yes, then look no further. Introducing the 'in my Sports Romance Era' sticker packs collection for all the sports romance girlies (and guys) out there. I have fallen in love with sports romances lately, especially Hockey and Cowboy romances and I just had to create stickers that I could use to annotate my favorite sports romances.

Each sticker pack includes 9 stickers that showcase different aspects of the sports. They are all laminated with either a clear or a holographic sheet which makes them waterproof.

You can choose between the:

- 'in my Hockey Era' sticker pack

- 'in my Basketball Era' sticker pack

- 'in my Football Era' sticker pack

- 'in my Cowboy Era' sticker pack

- 'in my Baseball Era' sticker pack

- 'in my Formula 1 Era' sticker pack

While you can choose between the different sports, you can also choose between big or small stickers and holographic or non-holographic stickers.

Materials used:

- HTVront Matte White Sticker Paper

- Clear Laminating Sheets

- Holographic Laminating Sheets


- Including the packaging:

- Big: 12.5x0.5x10cm (LxHxW) / 4.9x0.2x3.9 in (LxHxW)

- Small: 10x0.5x7cm (LxHxW) / 3.9x0.2x2.75 in (LxHxW)

While the stickers are waterproof and should last a long time, they will wear with time and might loosen around the edges if they are applied to a surface that is used often.