Blue and Purple Flower Glass Cup

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Introducing the Flower Glass Cups.

The glass cups are a new addition to my shop and I am obsessed with them. I love iced coffee and these glasses are perfect to have your iced morning coffee or any other beverage.

The design matches the personalized flower bookmarks, featuring the two most popular designs, the daisies, and the blue and purple flowers. With the 16 oz glass cup, you will always receive a plastic straw and a straw cleaner but you can also add either a green or grey glass straw for the daisy cup or a blue or grey glass straw for the blue and purple flower cup. Please note: the colors of the straws might vary slightly from the photos and the glass straws are both straight and angled, so unless you want a specific straw and let me know, I will randomly select one.

Care instructions:

Please wash the glass cup only by hand. You can use a sponge and some dish soap and gently wash the cup but please do not soak it or extensively rub the design, while the vinyl is a permanent vinyl, there still is the risk of it loosening and possibly detaching. Also please thoroughly wash the lid and under the rubber to prevent any staining and mold.

Some warnings:

- Please refrain from putting hot liquids into it.

- It is not microwave-safe.

- Do not soak the cup or the lid.

-This glass cup is not dishwasher safe, so please only wash it by hand.

- Bamboo lids are meant to keep liquids from splashing out, they ARE NOT meant to be tipped upside down, as both the lid and the straws would not hold the liquid in.

Materials used:

- HTVront glass cup

- Teckwrap glossy and colour changing vinyl

- Plastic straw

- Glass straw