Crimson River Bookmarks

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Officially Licensed Crimson River Bookmarks.

Are you searching for bookmarks for one of your favorite Devney Perry books? Then look no further.

Introducing the bookmarks for Crimson River - Crimson River is the fifth book in the Eden series by Devney Perry, which is one of my favorite Small Town Romance Series. This bookmark collection encapsulates all my favorite things about this book and some symbols that define Lyla and Vance and their relationship for me.

The collection comes with three bookmarks

  • one showcasing the title of the book
  • one showcasing the characters' names
  • one showcasing one of my favorite quotes from the book

You can either buy each bookmark individually or you can buy the whole collection.

Materials used:

- Teckwrap glossy vinyl

- Acrylic bookmark

- Tassel


- Including the packaging: 15x0.5x5cm (LxHxW) / 5.9x0.2x1.97 in (LxHxW)

- Without packaging:

- Bookmark: 12x0.1x3cm (LxHxW) / 4,7x0.04x1.18 in (LxHxW)

- Tassel: approx. 13cm / 5.1 in (Length) - Please note that each tassel might vary from this by a bit

If the bookmark ever gets dirty, you can clean it gently with a wet sponge or paper towel. The vinyl is permanent and water-resistant but especially the dainty designs can be loosened if you are too rough.