Annotation Kit - Natural

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Do you love annotating your books but you're tired of having to assemble your own annotation kit for each new book? I can help with that. These annotation kits, which are currently available in five different colors solve your problem of having to look for pens and annotation tabs in the same color range.

And even if you don't like your handwriting, this annotation kit comes with a sticker sheet that provides you with some reaction phrases and some symbols that you can use instead of having to write your reactions down.

And for the ones that are in the business of writing reviews, maybe because they got an ARC or because they simply like writing reviews. This kit includes a Chapter Review notepad that can help you remember important information or quotes from each chapter. The notepad features a line where you can write down the title or number of the chapter, the star and spice level of the chapter, and a space where you can write down your thoughts, a quote you don't want to forget, or something that you think was important.

The Annotation Kit is available in five colors, you can choose between blue, purple, pink, brown, and grey. The contents of the annotation kit will be in varying shades of the color you choose.

Each kit comes with:
• 1 pouch individualized with vinyl
• 1 sticker sheet, containing 155 stickers
• 5 tab colors, in varying shades of the chosen color
• 1 highlighter
• 1 twin tone marker, one side is a fine liner and the other one a marker
• 1 gel pen
• 1 black gel pen

• 1 chapter review notepad

Materials used:

- Pouch: Canvas, 22.5cm x 16cm Westford Mills organic accessory pouch

- Teckwrap Metallic Chrome and Glossy Heat Transfer Vinyl

- Sticker Sheets: white laminated sticker paper, 17cm x 7.5 cm
- Tabs: Repositionable, translucent tabs, 4.5cm x 1cm
- Highlighters and Pens: Premium quick-dry ink

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tab and highlighter colors may vary slightly from the shades shown in the product listing photos. The gel pen and the z-grip have a seal, please remove it before you use the pens. The seals may vary in color from it being red to it being see-through.