All I want is a ... Bookmark - Female edition

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Do you need a bookmark for your favorite dark romance reads?

If yes, then look no further. Introducing my 'All I want is a ...' bookmark collection for all the dark romance girlies (and guys) out there. I have fallen in love with so many Shadow Daddies, Morally Grey characters, and Dark Romance characters ever since I started reading dark romance books and fantasy books with characters that give off shadow daddy/mommy vibes. And if you have ever fallen in love with characters like that and love to read dark romance books, these bookmarks are perfect for you.

You can choose between the:

- All I want is a Shadow Mommy

- All I want is a Dark Romance FMC

- All I want is a Morally Grey Girl

- Or the whole collection

Materials used:

- Teckwrap glossy vinyl

- Acrylic bookmark

- Tassel


- Including the packaging: 15x0.5x5cm (LxHxW) / 5.9x0.2x1.97 in (LxHxW)

- Without packaging:

- Bookmark: 12x0.1x3cm (LxHxW) / 4,7x0.04x1.18 in (LxHxW)

- Tassel: approx. 13cm / 5.1 in (Length) - Please note that each tassel might vary from this by a bit

If the bookmark ever gets dirty, you can clean it gently with a wet sponge or paper towel. The vinyl is permanent and water-resistant but especially the dainty designs can be loosened if you are too rough.