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New items and collections dropping once a month starting 2024.

Do I ship internationally?

Yes. I tried to include the main countries that I know some people will be purchasing from, but if your country isn't included just shoot me a message and I will look at whether or not I can add that country to the list of countries that I can ship to.

How long does shipping usually take?

The only person currently working in this business is me, a full-time college student who is currently finishing up her Bachelor's degree before starting her Master's degree who also work part time in retail. This means that it can sometimes take me 5-7 days to finish an item or a restock of multiple items, especially the personalized ones. I will always try to finish and send out everything as fast as possible, just know that if it ever takes longer, I am trying my best to be as fast as possible but sometimes life just gets in the way.

As soon as I hand the parcel over to the post office I don't have any control over how long it takes. I know that a parcel to America that I recently sent took 1-2 weeks to arrive while one of two to Australia took 2-3 weeks and the other one 3-4 weeks. I expect it to take less within Europe but it really depends on how long the post and customs take to move and clear the parcel.

As far as tracking info goes, I unfortunately do not get any tracking info provided for international bubble wrap envelopes and cannot give out any information on where the parcel is.

Will I ever do author collections?

The short answer to that is yes. I am already selling some licensed bookmarks for Devney Perry and I am continuously working on new collections and items for other authors.

The long answer is, that I need licensing from the authors and for me to obtain that the author needs to first of all be open do giving out a license and they then need to approve of my design, which won't always happen. I am currently working on several bookmark designs for multiple authors, and I am trying to get the licensing for that, but nothing is guaranteed.

What payment options do I offer?

I currently offer Vorkasse for Germany only and Paypal for everyone else.

PayPal does include paying with your PayPal account, using Pay Later, or using a debit or credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account.

For questions just shoot me a message through this form - the mail address through which you get all your order information is a no reply mail address. If you have a question for a specific order, please include your full name and order number in the message. As for personalizations, please leave them here as well after you ordered something.

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I would love to include photos of you using my items in the space below. If you want me to include a photo you took, you can always just send them to me on Instagram or post something on Instagram and tag me in your post under @kayasdesignspace.